Freshstart Physiotherapy focuses on women’s health; pelvic floor, continence and pelvic pain in men and women; and the treatment and relief of lymphoedema.

Bladder and bowel issues; pelvic pain conditions, sexual pain and sexual dysfunction, antenatal and postnatal issues; breast, gynaecological, urological, colorectal and prostate pre and post-operative needs; and lymphoedema – Freshstart Physiotherapy is here to help.

If you have a concern or an issue, whether you think it’s big or small we are here to help. Take the first step to a healthier, happier you – call the Freshstart team today.

Womens Health

From pregnancy and post natal care; pelvic pain conditions; pelvic organ prolapse; sexual pain and dysfunction; bladder and bowel issues; breast, gynaecological, colorectal pre and post-operative needs; and lymphoedema – the Freshstart team are experienced in it all and can help you with any concern or issue you may have.

Bladder and Bowel Issues

Freshstart Physiotherapy are highly experienced in the treatment of bowel and bladder problems in both women and men. Don’t suffer the embarrassment or discomfort of problems that may be prevented or alleviated with treatment. Contact us today to find out more.


The team at Freshstart are highly qualified in the treatment of lymphoedema, a condition caused by the accumulation of excessive amounts of fluid resulting in swelling of one or more regions of the body. At Freshstart, we can work with you to reduce the likelihood of lymphoedema developing and to minimise swelling if it does occur. Each case is different, call us today to find out more.